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bentley shayne | edmonton cake smash photographer

edmonton baby photographer

I have been photographing him since he was still in his mommy’s tummy, I’m so lucky to have been able to photograph so many of his milestones. At our 6 month session, he was barely sitting up on his own! I can’t believe this little guy is already one and so full of personality now! He can’t quite walk yet but he does the most adorable butt scoot and he’s always crossing his little feet, so cute!

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Jiyeon - what a cute first birthday session! You did a good job capturing this lovely boy! He looks like he enjoyed his session (and cake) as well! πŸ™‚

Kat - What a sweet session. I love sibling interaction in photos. And he is just so excited and happy!

Katie - these are so cute I’m amazed you got them to both cooperate so well. Great job.

Gonzalo - Great pictures. I love his faces and the color of these pictures, awesome job

Laura - Oh what adorable chocolate eyes! He’s such a cutie! The one with his brother is super cute! Lovely photographs! πŸ™‚

Jennica Bridgman - What a happy boy! Love those sibling shots. πŸ™‚

Anthony - Cute Pics!

Idalia Photography - Holy cuteness!! One is cuter than the next. Fabulous session!

Megan - Little dudes expressions are too much! Love it!!

Stephanie - SOOO CUTE! love this so much.

stephanie - so adorable! <3

jude harrison | edmonton cake smash photographer

edmonton cake smash photographer

I have been able to photograph this family since Jude’s maternity session. I can’t believe how much both Jude and Layne have grown in just a year! So many big changes in such a small amount of time!

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Aida - This was a fun cake smash photo session. I wish I was him πŸ™‚

Laura - What a cutie!! I love the brother shoots, nothing more adorable than kids having fun together! πŸ™‚

Sara - Lovely photos of precious kids! I love the little sailboat–so cute! πŸ™‚

Pamela - These absolutely beautiful images! I love the shots of them together as brothers. You did a wonderful job capturing the love between them.

Corey - They are adorable! Love the hug from big brother and that cake smash theme is so fun!

Doru - Adorable kids! What a beautiful photo session! I love the posing!

Chantal - what a perfect cake smash session!! I love all the props and that cake!!

mya kaur | edmonton newborn photographer

edmonton newborn photography
Mya was flashing me these little grins all during our session and I’m so glad I caught one on camera! She is so darling. Mya has the most outrageous eyelashes for a baby I’ve ever seen especially since she was only 12 days old! This sweet girl already has everyone in her family wrapped around her fingers, she will be a hard to say no to in the future!

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Stephanie - OMGOODNESS. What a little doll. Can’t get over that head of hair. I simply adore that little bracelet, too. Beautiful work!

Corey - Mya is such a beautiful baby! Love her lashes! You captured some really sweet newborn photos during her session!

Emily - oh! What a little princess. Love that carriage. Great newborn pics!

Aly - Your work is so beautiful! I love all the pink πŸ™‚

miranda - Look at that gorgeous hair! I love baby hair, it’s so feathery and beautiful. Nicely done!

Heather - Her sweet smile in the first images is so gorgeous!

audrey mary | edmonton cake smash photographer

edmonton cake smash photographer
It has been so much fun watching Audrey grow through her first year! She is so busy and adventurous. A complete opposite from her big brother Aidan. It’s so interesting to see how different their personalities are to each other.

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Angie - Beautiful! I love all the setups here but especially the first one! You did a great job with the sibling photos! I’m sure mom loves all of these!

brittney - She’s so cute! And it looks like she really enjoyed that cake!

Noella - Such an adorable session! Look at her eyelashes! Wow! Love the sibling photos as well!

Julie Renner - Love these cake smash session photos and the sibling shots are so precious. Their eyes are stunning – also so fun to see the flash back to the newborn session.

Stephanie - Those eyes, those expressions! Great captures!!

Kristina - Such a cutie pie Audrey is, love all these smash the cake images, these are so precious.

Giselle - What an adorable cake smash session and what a beautiful baby girl. Love the pastel colors and looks like she had a blast. That romper she is wearing is to die for!

Gabrielle - I absolutely love the colors and setups in this cake smash session! you have captured little Audrey’s personality so perfectly!

Jessica - I would LOVE to schedule a cake smash session for my baby when we visit Edmonton this summer! The setup you did is so beautiful!

Jennifer - what an adorable cake smash session! She reminds me of my little Audrey

Jama - Oh my goodness, what a cutie! I love her little pink ruffles. The siblings photos are great too. Edmonton is lucky to have you as a photographer.

Mary Beth - This entire series of images made me really really smile big! Lovely photography all around.

Ashley - Love the pink! Isn’t it almost crazy how fast kids grow?!

jennifer beitchman - So cute. What a sweet cake smash. Love the tongue too!

finlay george | edmonton newborn photographer

Edmonton Newborn Photographer
Finlay had everyone waiting to meet him, he was 8 days over due! I was his very first visit after he was born at just 8 days old. Finlay was super stubborn about where his hands needed to be and constantly used his fingers to self soothe. Once I figured out all his preferences, we became fast friends. I don’t normally take awake photos but I love the direct eye contact he gave me.
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Gabrielle - Finlay is precious! these photos are so sweet and innocent. I bet mom was super happy with all the adorable shots you captured of her little man!

Gonzalo - Big fan of your work, I love it!!!

Christine - Amazing newborn photography of this adorable little boy! You are an amazing photographer in Edmonton!

Daria Wheaton - Your pictures are magical. Edmonton newborn photographers must be envious!

Stephanie - Beautiful images, beautiful boy! Love the blue fluff image and the B&W closeup!!

Heather Carraway - Looooove the black and white profile shot!!! Those newborn details are the best!

Jiyeon - what a lovely new born pictures! He is so precious! I’m sure his parents have loved all of your pictures!

Kerri - These are so sweet. I love all the set-ups. Your first image and when he’s in jeans, those are my fav’s!

Julia - So sweet!

Tamara - Gorgeous work! Amazing newborn photography!

Giselle - This was a wonderful newborn session and looks like little Finley was such an angel for his session. You did an amazing job these photos are beautiful!

Alicia - So adorable! What a little cutie.