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kegan bao | edmonton newborn photographer

Edmonton Newborn laying in wool

Kegan was the sweetest little man when he came in for his newborn session at just 7 days old. He had so many different facial expressions! I am sure he is going to have a big personality, I’m not surprised those, his parents are also pretty awesome. Thank you so much for including me one of your first days as new family!

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Tonya Palumbo - This is beautiful newborn photography!! I absolutely love the one with the airplane! It is so cute and so “manly” .

kristy - I love the set of photos showing his many facial expressions, so sweet! Such a beautiful gallery!

Brittney Bietz - His facial expressions are to die for! Love his dad in the hockey jersey, too. Great baby images!

Janice - I LOVE THESE!!!!! So clean and natural as newborn photographs should be. Beautiful lighting.

Chantal - This is such a sweet newborn session!! So adorable!

Catherine - What a great experience and the pics turned out amazing!! Thank you for capturing our lil boy’s first week in this world!

Abbie - what a great variety of photos and different options, your photography always makes me smile

Laura - So cute! I love the tones and colours of these photos. Beautiful! 🙂
Plus babies with tools are just adorable!!

Jaime - adorable! Lovely work.

Oscar Salazar - Very nice job! I love the lighting and how you capture the baby and mom and dad’s expressions!

Corey - What a handsome baby boy! Love the different expressions you captured and that little airplane is too cute!

Luis Luque - I love baby pictures great job capturing these! Great lighting im sure they love these pictures!

Maria - OH MY GOODNESS! What a sweet little one!!

Christine - These newborn photos of Kegan are absolutely stunning! Wonderful job capturing this little guy’s newborn photography!

Kristina - What a cutie pie Kegan is, wonderful newborn images 🙂 well done

Brittney - Such a perfect little babe <3

avery brianne | edmonton newborn photographer

edmonton newborn in bucket with floral backdrop

I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard than with this sweet family! Thank you so much for allowing me be a part of Avery’s first few days.

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Robyn Middleton - So precious!!

Julie - Awww, how adorable! These are such cute newborn photos! Mom and Dad must be ecstatic!

Jennifer - Umm, hello cuteness! I love that little cracked smile. You are an amazing newborn photographer. Edmonton is lucky to have you!

Trina Dinnar - Such precious newborn photos. You do great work!

Danielle - Beautiful images, I love the quilt

Kat - What a cutie! I absolutely love the light and color in the first ones with the green bucket, but all the images are wonderful.

Laura Clouse - I absolutely love this newborn session. The images you provide as a newborn photographer are amazing and to be able to provide these services in the edmonton area is truly a dream for new parents!

Kristina - Such a cutie pie Brianne is, precious newborn portraits, well done!

Ruth Bloch - These are so cute! I love her little smile!!! And that red works so well in the bowl!

Edith Levandoski - I love these newborn photos! They are very crisp and clear.

Samantha Eckhaus - What a beautiful baby session!

melania gwen | edmonton newborn photographer

edmonton newborn in drawer

Miss Melania is as sweet as they come! She came to visit me at just 9 days new and was an absolute dream. I loved how their family photographs turned out, they sure make one perfect family!

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Kat - She looks so adorable. Definitely got both Mom’s and Dad’s features. And so peaceful; I love the airy, light look of these photos. Very pretty.

heathet arnita - These are so great! What a sweet baby! I loved how you caught her smiling a few times. The parents must be over the moon with these!

Reannon - Awe such a gorgeous little girl! Great job capturing this family. Lovely work!

Heather - Awe, sweet baby and beautiful images. Nice work!

Jeanne - As per usual, you did a beautiful job of capturing this baby girl. Love the hockey jersey photo! Melania’s parents will be over the moon with these newborn pictures!

Loren - Love that hockey shot!! Beautiful!

Payal Patel - What a perfect family. Love the props for this newborn session. Lovely!

Gonzalo Verdeja - Great great pictures. I love this newborn session!!

Diana - Beautiful work!

Maria - What a sweet little doll! Looks perfect!

Kristina - Miss Melania what a beauty you are, I bet your parents are joyfully happy with you, and I am sure they will cherish and love these newborn images for the rest of their lives.

Samantha Eckhaus - The photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful newborn session.

arthur winchester | edmonton baby photographer

edmonton baby photographer

Arthur came to visit me on his 4 month birthday! This little guy is adorable. I loved his full body giggles with a hand on his belly and bubbles coming out of his mouth. I’m so glad we could squeeze a few of him and mom at the end of our session!

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stephanie - GORGEOUS images! great job <3

Jeanne - Adorable baby photos! He looks very curious and happy!

Maria - I fall in love with this little guy!

Christine - Lovely photos of this little man! Edmonton is lucky to have you as their top baby photographer!

Kristen - What a handsome little fella! I just love your baby photos! It looks like you have a newborn photography studio? So cool!

Kaitlynn - Oh my goodness! The eyebrows! I love it!

Rima Brindamour - What an expressive face he has!! You did a fantastic job letting his personality show. XOXO

jacob ryan | edmonton newborn photographer

edmonton newborn photography

I had so much fun with this little guy. Jacob is such a beautiful boy, I couldn’t get enough of him! He was such an easy baby and so calm when he was awake. He probably gets his easy going personality from his parents, they are so down to earth! We had a great time together. Mom has played softball her whole life and dad is plumber so we added a few props to incorporate them into the photos.

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Payal Patel - These newborn photos have been styled and shot so amazingly. Beautiful and I bet the family will cherish these for a long time.

Brittney - These are the sweetest photos. I love the romper, the tool kit – everything! I may need to travel to Edmonton for my own newborn photos. Gorgeous!

Rima Brindamour - Oh boy, those cheeks! Love the one of him in the bowl!

Jiyeon - what a cute baby and cute family! He looks so sweet! You did an amazing job capturing him and the family!

Sarah H - Such precious newborn photos. I love that little hat on him! And the parent photos are just perfect!

Irene - I love these newborn photos. So adorable. I love the ones with the baseball.

Kerri - what sweetness! I love your set-ups. The blue and grey are my favourites. Wonderful work!

Eden - Beautiful newborn session!! I adore the blue and grey series! Such gorgeous light!

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